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Airport Limo Buffalo

Buffalo International Airport BUF is an airport located near Buffalo, US and is only 180 km from Toronto or about 2.5 hours of driving. Buffalo Airport averages approximately 110 daily flights to 18 US cities. Airport serves Buffalo, New York as well as Southwest Ontario, Canada. 

It is the third busiest airport in New York State after New York City’s La Guardia Airport and JFK Airport. The proximity of Buffalo International Airport to the Toronto, makes it a very popular airport for Canadians traveling to US destinations. In fact, about one of every three passengers traveling through the airport is from Canada. Airfares from Buffalo airport to the US city’s are lower, often they are only 30-50% when compared to rates from Toronto Airport even after Airport Limo charges added. Another important factor is that in order to fly to US destinations passengers required to check in 3 hour prior flight departure time when they fly from Toronto Airport and only 1.5 hour from Buffalo Airport. That is 1.5 hour saved.

Traveling to and from Buffalo Airport will be absolutely stress free and relaxing when You book with Airport Limo. Our Lincoln Executive Town Cars L are 2009 and newer provide plenty of leg room even for tall passengers when compared to taxies or buses.

No matter how large is your group Airport Limo can definitely fit your needs. We have many different vehicles that can transport any size group you have. Our prices are low and affordable.

There are no hidden fees, extra charges or fuel surcharges. If Your trip will be delayed by US Customs there will be no extra charge for waiting time.
Our dispatchers will monitor your flight whether is arrives early or gets delayed.

With Airport  Limo you can rest assured that there will be limo waiting for you when you step out of the terminal. Your trip will be smooth, comfortable and luxuries.

Flat Rate for 4 passengers Lincoln L Town Car from Buffalo to Toronto Airport

$ 240.00

Approximate Distance:        180 km
Approximate Travel Time:   1 hour 53 min

Route from Toronto to Buffalo Airport


Airport Limo Services

– Airport Limo
– Airport Limousine
– Airport Shuttle
– Airport Van
– Wedding Limo
– Corporate Limo
– Night Out Limo
– Casino Limo
– Limo Airport

Airport Limo additional charges and fees

13% HST (Ontario government tax) will be added to all charges
$15 extra for prearranged Airport pickup (Lincoln sedan and SUV)
$27 extra for prearranged Airport pickup (Stretch Limousine or Van)
$10 extra for child seat
$10 extra for en route stop for Lincoln sedan
$10 extra for every 15 minutes of waiting time (first 15 minutes free)
$15 extra for en route stop for SUV and Van
$20 extra for en route stop for Stretch Limousine or Stretch SUV
$45 extra for Meet & Greet Service
$50 extra for Trailer for Luggage
$Additional fee charged for use of Toll Highway 407
$All prepaid reservation subject to 15% Driver Gratuity

Airport Limo cancellation policy

12 hour notice prior pick-up time is required or 50% cancellation fee will apply
No-show will be charged in full

Toronto Airport pick-up procedures:
1. Clear Customs
2. Pick-up Luggage
3. Go to Commissionaire at the Pre-arranged Stand. Ask him to call Airport Limo Limo from compound. Your Limo will arrive in 2 minutes.

Toronto Airport Pre-arranged Stands:
Terminal 1 – Post A
Terminal 3 – Post 7

NOTE: In the event your flight arrives after 12:00 midnight, Commissionaire may not be present. In this case, please call our dispatch office at 905-781-5466 and we will send you your limo from compound at any time. Airport Limo dispatch office open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

Call us at 905-781-5466 to book Airport Limo

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